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Management & Strategy Consulting Services


What We Do

We support our clients with the identification, analysis and implementation of strategic topics and regulatory changes.


Our Approach

We listen, develop and make suggestions. Then we collaboratively work together to reach our set goals.


Our Mission

We want to have impact on our clients considering their customers, business and people.

Who We Are

 Swiss based Consulting firm leveraging a broad network of experts in the financial services industry and…

… keen on getting to know about your current challenges.

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The biggest challenge for companies is their historically grown structure and its adaption to changes in technology, regulation and society to fit their business goals…


… the same applies for individuals. So it’s relevant to define a strategy which can be operationalized considering existing capabilities, knowledge and resources.

Selected Success Stories

Topic: F2B Digitalization


  • Highly fragmented processes and systems
  • Siginificant manual interactions
  • Missing MI overall


  • Definition of overall program standards and templates
  • Regular reporting to program management, business unit leads, sponsors and STC
  • Standardized process assessment, design, business requirements, handover to IT implementation and post go-live support


  • F2B digitalization of processes
  • Central monitoring application
  • Basis to define strategy for 2020
Major Swiss Bank

F2B Digitalization, 2017

Topic: TOM definition/transition


  • Definition of a TOM for a global function
  • Maintaining BAU


  • Structured assessment of the global Regulatory Affairs Organization
  • Assessment of requirements from key stakeholder within and outside the organization
  • Development and design of Target Operating Model options and risk mitigation measures


  • Global TOM
  • BAU support: Board of Director and Executive Board meetings and mgmt communication (key focus topics and developments)
Major Swiss Bank

Global Regulatory Affairs, 2018

Topic: Brexit migration


  • Political instability and short-term decisions
  • Continuity of EMEA wide client business


  • Advice Management Board on Loan Migration approach (cross-stream alignment)
  • Assess current Governance structure and (re-)develop target state considering additional businesses to be migrated, e.g. Secondary Loan Trading and Loan Underwriting
  • Support on legal, regulatory, risk and tax related matters regarding business approval and migration


  • Migration of corporate loan book
  • Operational readiness
Major Swiss Bank

Brexit, 2019-2021