Marc Pfeiffer




Who I am

In the role of project manager, analyst and process optimiser, I have been active in the project business for the German financial sector for over 20 years, both in the area of legacy systems and in the environment of the latest technologies.


My Skills

As a consultant, it is part of my job to deliver results that meet requirements and expectations. Stakeholder-oriented communication in the project environment and in the line organisation as well as my efficiency and social competence in teamwork are part of my core competencies. My educational background is a degree in economics, followed by more than 20 years of experience in the capital markets and project work in the banking sector.


My Experience

In my professional experience in banks and consulting firms, I have learned to grasp complex situations quickly and to act as an interface between business and technical teams. Especially in the area of data migration, my analytical approach is very helpful for capturing the as-is and to-be situation. In one of my last projects, I was responsible for the data transfer for large loans and traded loans, as well as ongoing communication and coordination with the English unit as part of a “Brexit programme”. Before that, I worked in securities processing and was responsible as a consultant for analysing the accounting records as well as identifying automatic mechanisms for standardised clean-up of any inconsistencies.


Why ToMarkus Consulting

ToMarkus Consulting is a dynamic company with very interesting projects. This offers me the platform to contribute with my skills and successfully realise projects.