Thomas Haunschmidt

External Partner



Who I am

As an external partner, I support ToMarkus Consulting in various matters and always look forward to working with the team.


My Skills

My academic background is in the natural sciences, and my Master’s degree in Food Engineering combined with experience in business management helps me to quickly analyse interdisciplinary subjects, identify gaps and find solutions for clients.


My Experience

In the past 10 years I have gained practical experience in managing processes and projects in various fields such as consumer goods, supply chain, payment services, business development and company expansion projects. I see myself as an interface between departments such as Legal, Tax, Operations, IT and the business. I understand how to successfully implement business projects from conception to implementation in order to support the client in achieving his goals.


Why ToMarkus Consulting

As an external partner and independent professional, I value the network of ToMarkus Consulting for new projects and as a way to offer clients the best skills.